Wednesday, 29 December 2010

music of 2010

It is the end of the year, a great year by the way, and so I think it's the right time for such post. And it is also.. very in.

Well, during this year my music tastes have been changing all the time, I had lots of influence from different people and thank them for that.
Also, I was on the two main music events - SKIF festival and ElectroMechanica festival.

Biosphere. I haven't heard him before the ElectroMechanica festival, but after his amazing concert I felt in love. Unbelievably sad and beautiful music.

Hjálmar. The best icelandic group. Firstly, because they sing reggae and blues and secondly, because they sing in icelandic. And, moreover, after some research I can say for sure, that this is the best music for hangover times.

Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Unique group. Great darkjazz music. I desire to see them live.

Heroin and your veins. This is a perfect dark night music. I can listen to him all the time. So suitable for my city of St Petersburg.

Triosk. I knew them. I had their CD. I just didn't listen to it. Hopefully, I once turned it on. Inspiring music. Pity, they don't exist anymore.

Knalpot. Fantastic SKIF perfomance, my unexpected volunteering, one of the best days in 2010. And awesome music. Cheers to Raphi and Gerri. And also to Juha.

My biggest love of the year is Jon Hopkins. That was the love from the first sound actually. From the first sound, when I heard him live at SKIF. I can not really say why I love him so much, I just do.

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